Week Fourteen Picks (.)


Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. And each week we’re totally blown away at the gems that come out of these photo word prompts. It’s never easy to pick a winner, and all of you who participate each week should be happy knowing that you’ve created a mini masterpiece.

Check back every Sunday to see if your entry made the list! Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! Tell your friends about OneSentencePeriod.com! Share it on your social media pages. Get your children involved. It’s fun and a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Now, let’s get on with WEEK 15!

(Click the name links below to take you to the photo & page for the winning entry.)



Cindy D.

The problem with growing up in the digital age and trying to return to old school graffiti is the lack of auto correct, and so Dennis went home to “drem” of his next project.



It was a previous encounter with this contraption that earned Righty his nickname.


Walter Moore

The high school English teacher was so proud; someone in her class had paid attention to Hamlet’s soliloquy after all.

Jef Costello

But the estate having been burdened with large portion to the daughters, and other debts, it was necessary for the nephew to sell a considerable part of it, and all that was left, beside the opulent staircase, was the forgotten signed portrait of Donny Osmond.


Margaret smiled after they painted nails her favorite shade of pink and lotioned her IV scarred hands, buckled her favorite bracelet and gave her the beads and her lucky feather, “I’m ready to fly now”.

Cindy D.

As the eco-friendly movement swept the marina, it became a status symbol to pull one’s boat as far as possible before firing up the eco-unfriendly engine.


PLEASE let that be a high power telephoto lens that human is pointing at me, oh please let that be a high power…..



Lisa was disappointed that the 8x10s weren’t as candid as she had hoped.

Phillip Griffith

Osmond to Beiber: “Forehead wall…I rocked it first.”


PETCO, Where pets go.


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