Week Seven Picks (.)

Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. Check back to see if your entry is a winner!


Thanks to everyone who took this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! Now, let’s get on with WEEK 8!



Pamela Hobart Carter

Once upon a time, long before today’s hyper-scheduling of childhood, they had swum in the pond and chanced run-ins with mythic snapping turtles, and had felt the braver and freer for it.


Anna Dorfman

Don’t you see the snow angels dancing around me, momma?

Cindy D.

The prize is the beach, the contest is the walk, the deciding factor is the return trip; Alice swam in the hotel pool rather than have to come back up all the stairs.



This was going to be the best July ever…the magic snow shoes worked exactly as advertised!

Anna Dorfman

The guard thought it was a very strange last-meal request, but who was he to argue with a condemned man?

Cindy D.

As a small child someone else always told her how she was feeling, Remy can hear her mother telling her, “Come inside you are cold!”

Mike Brennan

After 11 years working for Nat Geo, Judy really impressed herself, and her cats for sure, with the selection her collection of weekly office thefts had accumulated, though she still shuddered thinking about what she had done to get Hank the security guy to help her out with the display racks.

E.L. Mitchell

Luke, wearing khakis, boat shoes and a fanny pack, waited for the completely disinterested clerk to walk by so he could move the stack of Moab South maps aside to collect the key that opened a locker with over twenty ounces of cocaine in it.


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