Week Sixteen Picks (.)


Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. And each week we’re totally blown away at the gems that come out of these photo word prompts. This week was no exception! New entrants, so many good posts! It’s never easy to pick a winner, and all of you who participate each week should be happy knowing that you’ve created a mini masterpiece.

Check back every Sunday to see if your entry made the list! Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! Tell your friends about OneSentencePeriod.com! Share it on your social media pages. Get your children involved. It’s fun and a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Now, let’s get on with WEEK 17!

(Click the name links below to take you to the photo & page for the winning entry.)



Chuck Yates
Although highly anticipated, Miller’s 1953 sequel to “Salesman,” “Reincarnation of a Shoe Shine” closed prior to Broadway, in Detroit (of all places) after its first of a scheduled four intermissions and, thankfully has never been revived.


Stacey DuFord
Floyd didn’t mind the thick white line that separated their square in half but he hated it when Robert refused to even look at him.

Walter Moore
To avoid squabbling over crumbs, the birds agreed to divide the piazza into two sections.


Cindy D
Harold’s shoe shine business was not as lucrative as he had thought, and so he created demand by reducing supply, and often left early making customers think they had missed out on something special.

The last thing she remembered thinking as she stirred the cognac into the beef medallions for their anniversary dinner was “just one taste can’t hurt.”

Mike Brennan
She had known Marty. Marto, even Dean, but of all the Martins in her life, it was Remy who continuously got her into trouble – and helped her forget them as well.

He’d never be anything but red and yellow, while even the traffic light he stared at all day got to turn green once in a while.

Chuck Yates
Let me tell you pal, I may look old and rusty, but in the dark of night, there ain’t’ a terrier in town won’t hike his leg for a big blonde.

Stephanie stared at the crack of (barely) life–twigs, leafs, the surprise of a feather, the miracle of the quadrifolius–thinking it a metaphor for the cosmically short span that life has existed and likely will exist, smoked her last cigarette and moved on.


Cindy D
The crowd, thin as it was, avoided the front row seating as no one was ever sure what stunt the jazz musician would try next, and there were whispers of something being called the “jello drop.”

Bill Gorgo
Each day, in a microcosom of the city, people with nowhere else to go gathered to see if Detroit had finally found the money to take down the months-old Jazzfest stage.

Walter Moore
The one-man band’s manager had overestimated his client’s popularity.

Eunice’s skepticism toward the walk-up gynecology clinic grew when she discovered the “usual time” varied by up to 45 minutes daily.

The dogs in Rochester are taller than most.

Mike Brennan
He had the heart of a lion, the vision to see the future, the posture of a man standing at a bar rail, and his Native American name was said to be”Cooks with Oven Mitt,” and he had stood sentry over this bodega for nearly a decade, ever since it’s owner had found him in a storage locker auction and nicknamed him Cookie.


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