Week Ten Picks (.)

Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. Check back to see if your entry is a winner!


Thanks to everyone who took this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! Now, let’s get on with WEEK 11!

(Click the name links below to take you to the photo & page for the winning entry.)



Holly Golightly

She wanted to live always there, in that intake of breath both nostalgic and expectant of the years to come and go.


Anna Dorfman

Esther was between dentures, but determined to get through her casino-sponsored meal — even as her poor hands bled from the sharp angles of every exoskeletal tear.

Cindy D.

Max always dressed in the drab colors, so that Mabel could shine in her bright ones.


Walter Moore

Before Congress passed the National Obesity Act, people ate something called “cake” on their birthdays, which consisted largely of flour and sugar, instead of what we all eat now, namely, kale sticks.

Stacey Duford

Forty-five minutes later Madison was still trying to blow out the trick candles and everyone had lost their appetite for cake.

Cindy D.

With their matching Peter Pan collars, hairstyles and hand motions there was no doubt that Peggy was actually the little girl’s mother.


After 47 years of slinging hash for the rough-hewn trawlers of the Bering Sea, she made quick work of these crustaceans–all the while intoning her mantra: There’s no place like Nome.


Braham Orenstein – 7 Years Old

A little girl was having a big 4th of July party, when all of the sudden gangsters with guns rushed in and robbed her; she later learned from the police that they were famous gangsters known all around the world… the gangsters were never caught, but the little girl got a new name, new home and an even bigger cake.


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