Week Thirteen Picks (.)


Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. And each week we’re totally blown away at the gems that come out of these photo word prompts. It’s never easy to pick a winner, and all of you who participate each week should be happy knowing that you’ve created a mini masterpiece.

Check back every Sunday to see if your entry made the list! Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! Tell your friends about OneSentencePeriod.com! Share it on your social media pages. Get your children involved. It’s fun and a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Now, let’s get on with WEEK 14!

(Click the name links below to take you to the photo & page for the winning entry.)


wekillroachesMike Brennan

His grandfather told him “find something you can do for people, put up a sign and charge them 50 bucks,” and Anthony refused to have his entrepreneurial dreams derailed by his limited skill set.


Cindy D.

At night, long after the lights went out, the clown and dog performed shows for the china dolls across the room, as the bride and groom cake toppers in the second aisle starting waltzing.

Mike Brennan

The old coach looked at the formation, approved of the twin split wide-outs and the split tailbacks, but noticed far too many men on the line, and no quarterback, and mumbled, “stupid wildcat.”


Mike Brennan

She found it after opening the dryer to see what was making that strange noise, and went through a rapid fire series of questions: her husband or her 20-year-old son; did the fact that it was here mean it didn’t get used; and most perplexing to her – why was there an exclamation point?

Stephanie Ornelas

They weren’t really sure what was on the other side but routine was never really their preference, nor was living in a governed society, so they look a leap of faith and never looked back.

Walter Moore



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