Week Twelve Picks (.)


Each Sunday we announce the Once Sentence (.) Picks Of The Week. And each week we’re totally blown away at the gems that come out of these photo word prompts. It’s never easy to pick a winner, and all of you who participate each week should be happy knowing that you’ve created a mini masterpiece.

Check back every Sunday to see if your entry made the list! Thanks to everyone who took part in this week’s ONE SENTENCE (.) challenge! Tell your friends about OneSentencePeriod.com! Share it on your social media pages. Get your children involved. It’s fun and a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

Now, let’s get on with LUCKY WEEK 13!

(Click the name links below to take you to the photo & page for the winning entry.)



Stacey DuFord

For a moment Max felt remorseful about the damage he had caused, then he remember “I’m a cat” and walked away with a smug smile on his face.


Trouble Ensued

Having absolutely no confidence in the antiseptic spray, she hoped that the extra heavy-duty hazmat socks would protect her.

Mike Brennan

The ‘Grand Flophouse Hotel’ at GhettoWorld was complete, finished off with pseudo Grafitti the developers had paid a well-known artist thousands to complete, but the delay in construction of ‘Dimebag Arcade’ and the ‘CrackHo Ride’ left the Japanese consortium that had funded the latest Anaheim amusement park looking at a bleak summer.


She smiled, imagining her new life, certain that all her problems were in the past now: the rent was reasonable and the location was described as “Beverly Hills adjacent.”


S.J. Wednesbury

Even as she complained about how ugly they were (how could a sport–if it was one–be built around such hideously tacky shoes?), not one of us doubted that we were celebrating her 40th at BowlRight Lanes largely because she loved the way she looked in those bowling shoes.


Similar to the old Granville house, it’s said that if you throw a rock and can break one of the remaining windows, your wish will come true.

John Flory

For at least today, Julie was on top.

Gordon Comstock

The architects, long retired, reminisced over coffee and took a last look at the building, their “lucky” break and first big commission, before driving away as the wrecking ball started to swing.


As her 83rd birthday approached, Virginia remembered her childhood, her marriage, her life as a frilly, tainted prison.


She wanted nothing more than to continue floating in the soothing blues and greens but the Light gently, insistently called her, pulled her…”Joe? Is that you?”


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